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Find out about nude yoga and discover its benefits

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What is Nude Yoga?

Naked yoga has become as popular as it is controversial. It has advocates among the most influential celebrities and trendsetters, so there must be something more to it than just nudity, right? Here’s a closer look at this phenomenon (more…)


Naked Yoga Philosophy

You may work your body, but if your mind and spirit remain idle, your yoga practice won’t really take you anywhere. This is especially the case for naked yoga. The key to truly efficient naked yoga practice is embracing the philosophy that lies behind it.


The flexibility of your mind is as important as the flexibility of your body. Meditation is the best way to put your mind at rest and relax when things get too stressful. Meditation however, has more meanings and purposes than you can imagine. Here’s where you can find information about it


Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga is a universal method for losing weight as it works on conscious, subconscious and physical levels. It doesn’t offer stressful workouts and exhaustive dieting, but rather helps to shed extra pounds in the most relaxed and healthy way. See how you can benefit from it.

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The Treasure of Human Body

The human body is complex and beautiful. It gives you pleasure and pain, and it is both strong and fragile. While we all come into this world wearing nothing, nudity is one of the strongest taboos that have ever existed in our society. We cover and protect our own bodies, but do we really cherish them?

Nude yoga is a form of yoga practice that accentuates the perfection of the human body. It teaches to understand, appreciate, and cherish your physique. It’s the simplest and most natural way to start a healthier and happier life by learning the techniques of gentle workout and meditation.

Nude yoga isn’t mainstream and it really isn’t for everyone, but it can turn you into an artist who rediscovers and rebuilds his body beautiful.


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